How We ship

Your Axolotl(s) will be shipped in a Styrofoam lined box Labeled *Live Amphibians* with a Cold pack inside to keep the box cool. Your Axolotl(s) will be shipped in a breather bag. DO NOT FLOAT THE BAG IN WATER TO TEMPERATURE ACCLIMATE. Breather bags have to transfer oxygen and being submerged in water will not allow this to happen.

Cold pack (size dependent on projected  temperature in shipping)


Kordon Breather bags


Insulation to keep the temperature regulated inside.

Local Pick up Policy 

Axolotls Unlimited allows local pick up for our Wisconsin Customers! we are located in Cudahy Wisconsin Just outside of Milwaukee. We are willing to arrange local pick up at (
Axolotls Unlimited reserves the right to refuse local pickup for any reason at any time. If local pickup is not an option for what-ever the reason. We will ship them to you promptly. 

 Live Axolotls will ONLY be shipped Monday-Wednesday. Please allow 2 days before shipping for your Axolotl to be Fasted. You will be emailed a Tracking Number the day your Axolotl(s) has shipped. Live Arrival Guarantee. Free Local Pick-up for our Wisconsin Customers! All our shipping is done with USPS overnight services as thats the only way I can guarantee the safety of the Axolotl(s) in transport. 

NOTICE. We only ship to legal US states,(Excludes Virginia, Maine,New Jersey, Washington D.C,New Mexico,California)

All DOAs must be reported in the first hour after the shipment has arrived. Send Photo/Video evidence to ( After 1 hour Axolotls Unlimited is not responsible to the well being of the animal(s) if the package is left outside for too long, as we cannot control temperature and weather conditions at the shipping destination. In a rare case where an Axolotl perishes we will work with you in any way possible for compensation.

Shipping & DOA Policy